"Ohana" is a Hawaiian term meaning "family"
We are connected group of friends that more than a team. We ARE family.
Olga Dolgova
Coordination, public relations, community work, finance.

Before: National Research Agency, Life Financial, World Health Organization.
Sergey Dolgov
Strategy, customer acquisition, affiliate programs, networking, public speaking.

Before: Sberbank, RMG.VC, Life Financial, SocialCraft, National Legal Service
Maria Kondratyeva
<Art Director>
Design, video production, handtech, quality control.

Before: National Research Agency, National Legal Service.
Alexander Radchenko
<Digital director>
Digital project management, VR / AR / XR.

Before: PlayDisplay, GreenDot, Genius Bar.
Anton Malega
Organization of research, HR analytics, recruiting, process analysis..

Before: Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Sukhoy, Qualified Talent, Basic Element.
Maria Vlasova
<Account Manager>
Project coordination, consulting, community management.

Before: Rosneft, Lukoil.
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