Study of the prospects for digital migration to rural areas, small towns and settlements
A pandemic temporarily isolates people from each other, but we are convinced that this is the moment when everyone can think about the future after #covid19 and voice their vision. Work in the office or remotely? Living in apartment or in own home? Owning a property or sharing it with others?

Who speaks?
We see how the lifestyle in the city and outside is changing, how the processes of deurbanization and ruralization are shifting, how the manifestations of the sharing economy, slow food/slow fashion/slow life movements are growing. We want to know your attitude to these processes, so we organized this study.

Our goal is to collect and analyze data on people's readiness for change, to find blocks and reasons of disruption and to get how we can help each other. The results of the study and our recommendations will be available for all who are interested in this topic.

The survey is anonymous, so do not worry about the safety of personal data.

Answers usually take no more than 10 minutes.
Where were you born?
What was the name of this place?
What country was it?
What country do you live in now?
What is the name of the place where you are now?
What type of place you live in now?
Do you live here or were quarantined?
How well do you imagine the difference between life in the countryside and life in the city?
If you had to live outside the city or in the countryside for a relatively long time (from 2 years), then what difficulties did you encounter?
If you were to decide to move, then where?
Why is this more convenient for you?
What can intercept your decision to move?
What will help your decision to relocate?
What do small territories lack in order to become attractive for relocation?
Лично для вас
Is there something else without which small territories are not attractive enough for moving?
Are you ready for a possible relocation to participate in the development of the territory and local communities?
How important, in principle, is the cultural and historical value of the house or territory in which you live?
There are a few more questions about your lifestyle. They are optional, but we will be grateful if you share information about yourself with us, this will allow us to better analyze the data.
Your education
Your financial situation (at the time BEFORE quarantine)
Your marital status
Whats your gender
Whats your age
How did you find out about this study?
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We are bureau WakeUp. We develop technologies for transformation of small territories, cultural and historical landscape and explore the principles of bringing people and tech together for a better future.

Two years ago we started a social experiment: we left our successful work in Moscow and moved to an abandoned soviet farm, where founded coliving called Melnica Space, which became home for our team and a place of transformation for hundreds of people.
Made by bureau WakeUp in coliving Melnica Space during #covid19